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Mother's Day Signup promotion


Every new sign up in the month of April & May will be entitled with a free 1 hour Mother's Day workshop! Create a wonderful gift to mum from your creative children. 

Mother's Day Workshop


Mother's day is coming, and everyone young and old, are preparing for mother's day we are happy to introduce this Mother's Day's workshop and welcome all the moms and their children to join us, and help us to create the most wonderful experience for all the generations of moms in Singapore!

Sign up with us for this 1h 30 min workshop available!


Parents from Global Art Sengkang Testimonial
Karin, my daughter has been attending Global Art SengKang since 2015. My daughter loves drawing and colouring. We wanted her to learn some skills, developing interest in drawing and also build up her self-confidence. Over the years, she has learnt colour blending and has been able to draw better pictures. Recent, drawing competition had build strong confidence on her, overall, help her to relax and distress after studying.

And early this year, Kamie, my youngest daughter join Global Art SengKang too. She love drawing, just like her sister’s interest. 

I would like to thank the teachers for their patience with my girls

Parents from Global Art Sengkang Testimonial

Olesya has been continuously improving in her drawing, creativity and especially colouring technique through Global Art Programme.

In these 2 years she participated in both in house and national competitions in which she gained confident and won some trophies.

Would like to thank teacher Lay Peng and Sze Wei and would happily recommend Global Art to all parents.

Book a trial session or entry assessment with us today!

For students aged 2.5 to 4, an 1 hour trial session will be conducted to access your child’s art ability and concentration. 

The fee is $45 and material is provided for the session

For students aged 5 and above, an 1.5 hour trial ad hoc lesson is conducted together with existing students, allowing them to experience the art environment and to determine a suitable course level for him/her.

The fee is $55 with material provided

Thank you for showing interest in our art sessions at Global Art Sengkang. We will get back to you shortly.

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