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Created in 1999, Global Art & Creative has been vastly educating students all over Malaysia before reaching our Singapore shores here in 2003. 

In 2013, we embarked on our mission to bring art to the heartlands and became the only branch in Sengkang to introduce more programmes and cater to children of a wider range. 

We are a SME500 winning company, as well as a Singapore Quality Brand and Asia Excellence Award winner in the Platinum Category. We were the proud recipient for Global Art Singapore's Best Centre Award in 2013.  

All our teachers have prior experience in teaching art before receiving further training at Global Art Headquarters on a regular basis to ensure our teaching methods are always improving and up to date. 

We focus not only on catering to the child's artistic needs but also believe in allowing children to learn in a nurturing and cultured environment. We believe every child has the potential to reach their highest level of creativity, given the right setting.


Shakthee, my daughter, is interested towards drawing and colouring. As a parent, I thought an art class would enhance her talents. 

Global Art is one of the best institutions, and she has been at Global Art for almost two years. After joining Global Art, my daughter has improved in her drawing and is able to understand the colouring techniques, which makes her more confident to take part in competitions. Gradually, she has also become more self-confident. The Global Art Programme itself is unique, and my daughter feels proud to be a Global Art student. The standard of the teaching is very high, which mainly emphasizes the concepts of drawing, shading and shadows are in class. This unique quality makes Global Art the best!

Learning art is important as it enhance creativity and concentration. She has attained a certain level of patience. My daughter aspires to be an artist herself. Global Art is definitely a stepping stone towards success. 

Vimal Priya, parent of Shakthee and Mohithaa Sivakumar

As a parent, we believe learning art is important in a child's development, especially in creativity. Our child was attracted by the art display at Global Art Sengkang and requested to attend art sessions here. We were excited and signed up for a trial session. Ashton is now in his 2nd year of learning at Global Art Sengkang. 

Ashton is able to handle colouring well in both Global Art as well as in school. We were updated of this during his Parent-Teacher conference when his art abilities were noticed by his teachers. Ashton is also very proud of his artworks and has turned his bedroom into his personal art gallery.

We are glad to see our child patiently finish his artworks and as we also hope it helps in stimulating his creativity while not only focusing on his academic results. Global Art has done a great job in many areas such as reasonable fees, flexibility in timings, centre location as well as teachers who are friendly, passionate and especially patient with kids who may be used to a routine.

We also appreciate the centre's effort in updating and sharing with us our child's progress and pictures on the centre's website and facebook. 

Cliff Tong, parent of Ashton Tong

Dillon loves to doodle since young, so we deicded to enrol him into an art school to further develop his artistic knowledge. When we first inquired about the art programme, we were impressed by the artwork that were displayed in the centre. Diloon has been with Global Art since 2010 and he is still enjoying his lessons.

Having gone through various stages of the programme, Dillon has shown tremendous improvement in his colour-blending techniques, colour matching and drawing. The programme has definitely broadened his scope of imagination and creativity. This is often evident from the art he produces. We are often impressed by the creative stories he has illustrated in his cartoon and comic drawings.

Learning art can improve motivation, concentration and confidence. It also allows children to express themselves through their artworks. Art also teaches children how to interpret and use visual information and to make decisions based on them. This strengthens their problem-solving and decision-making skills which are invaluable skills in adulthood. Also, taking part in art competitions gives our child the opportunity to step outside his comfort zone. Confidence grow as he improves and progresses.

Global Art has a systematic programme that encourages students to develop their artistic skills and creativity. It also allows students to develop at their own pace. The theme-based drawings promote awareness and logical thinking and students are encouraged to develop ideas based on the information required. 

Mr and Mrs Lim, parents of Dillon Lim

My son loves drawing. Hence, we wanted him to learn some skills and to be able to develop interest in art. He has been with the same centre since 2010 and we will continue to learn here for as long as he remains interested.

Over the years, he has learnt colour blending and has been able to draw better pictures to convey a message and story. he has also acquired general knowledge about art through art history lessons. 

The key intent was to allow my son to develop an interest in art. Art is a way that he likes to relax and destress after studying. Through art, I hope he also learns to more meticulous and patient as I believe these are important qualities to produce good artwork, and qualities that will benefit him in all aspects of life.

Sim Siew Leng, parent of Lim Ray Kiat

Xavier has been with Global Art Sengkang for almost a year. The showcase of the students' artwork in the centre attracted me and since Xavier loves drawing, we decided to allow him to learn in a proper setting. 

Xavier improved his drawing skills and the use of colour to enhance his picture.

Art is a good way to express oneself and we believe that both our children can use the skill of art in his future in either school or work.

Irene Lim, parent of Xavier and Scott Ong

We wanted to allow our son to explore other drawing skills and to enable him to get more exposure to other art techniques. He has been with Global Art Sengkang since 2012. 

He can now draw more objects and has improved his fine motor skills. His colour combinations has gotten better as well. Exposure to the arts through Global Art's monthly Art History programme has allowed him to appreciate art better too.

Art is a great way to calm when he faces stress from school activities. Through art, he has been able to express himself positively!

Mrs Yelen Ng, parent of Colin and Carol Ng

Engelbertine joined Global Art Sengkang in 2010 when she was 4 years old. 

Her classmates recognized Engelbertine's special talent in the arts and have awarded her with a certificate for her exceptional skills in it. Her artwork was featured in the school's weekly circular. 

I enrolled  all my 3 children in Global Art to gain fine art skills, sharpen their senses and observational skills, to develop an appreciation in arts, uncover their talents, stimulate critical and creative thinking in the arts, and to feel more confident about themselves. 

My 3 children enjoy art and the various activities in the art lessons, eg. lantern making for the Mooncake Festival and Father's Day tie. My children have showcased their ability to color, draw and paint better than their peers and even their parents!

Chia Yew Teck, Parent of Engelbertine, Hrothbertina and Gieronymus Chia