Global Art Sengkang
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Global Art - No. 1 Premium Art Courses in Singapore

Think Creative

Our Vision

Towards a better world by embracing creativity and innovation. Nurturing young minds to be Imaginative,
Creative and Innovative. 
Unlocking their creative potentials
and enriching 
their lives.

Our Mission

  • Promote creative and innovative thinking in children’s life. 
  • Apply creative ingenuity to deliver the best products, 
      training and services. 
  • Strive to be more efficient, effective and to deliver more.

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Our History

Founded in 1999, Global Art & Creative has been vastly 

educating students all over Malaysia before reaching 

our Singapore shores here in 2003. 

In 2011, we embarked on our mission to bring art to the 
heartlands and became the only branch in Sengkang to introduce more programmes and cater to children of a wider range. 

We are honoured to be entitled to SME500 winning award, Singapore Quality Brand award and Asia Excellence Award 
winner in Platinum Category in year 2012. We are proud 
recipient for Global Art Singapore's Best Centre Award in 2013. Recently, the Global Art International Platinum award 
and Global Art Singapore Platinum for 2017. 

Our Mentors

Global Art Sengkang instructors are professionally trained to guide our students to a higher level of artistic appreciation and skill. 

Our aim is to create an awareness of the importance of 
learning art in nurturing the intellectual potential of our students.  

All our teachers have prior experience in teaching art before receiving further training at Global Art Headquarters on a regular basis to ensure our teaching methods are always improving 
and up to date. 

Our instructors are certified to guide your child through 
the best art learning journey possible.

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