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Before a new year starts, we held our 2nd Christmas contest in December! Bravo to all participants!!! The winners for 2016 Christmas Contest are Engelbertine Chia & Ashlyn Lau! Each receiving a $20 Artfriend voucher. Ong Yu Xin, Sherise Goh, Charlotte Chia, Eagan Lee & Hon Xin Yu also won the Honorary Mention Prize for outstanding work as well! They receive $10 Popular voucher. Through mini contest, we hope that students get to express their creativity and practice applying what they have been learning in class. Every participant gets to win a prize as well! Look forward to the next contest in 2017! *Hint hint* ..Doctor, Teacher, Artist ;)


This year, A. S. Oviya represented Global Art Sengkang to participate in Global Art International Art Competition held in China. The competition was grandly held at Chimelong Paradise, the largest amusement park in China! It was an eye opener for Oviya as she participated her 1st International competition. She gained much exposure and experience from participating on the world stage with students from different countries. Impressive works were showcased and indeed it was a memorable experience! We look forward to next year Global Art International Competition at Malaysia!


Art is a skill that takes time to perfect.

As 11-year-old Ray Kiat has spent more than five years with Globalart, we decided to hold an exhibition for him honouring his improvement in his art.

On 20th November, Ray Kiat, along with his ten other family and friends, came to our centre to admire his portfolio of more than 15 masterpieces.

Ray Kiat has grown in leaps and bounds over the five years, and his artworks reflect the increase in maturity and creativity he has honed.

Indeed, many of his guests, which also include our students, were impressed! While they gazed at his pieces with wonder, they had enjoyed the activities and food provided.

Our teacher also presented his artwork in a slide deck, highlighting some of the interesting pieces he has done over the years.

During the exhibition, many students and parents alike wrote down notes of encouragement for Ray Kiat, highlighting their favourite pieces.

Through his art exhibition, we hope students will recognise that learning is not only a long and arduous process that requires time and patience, but also an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

Art has certainly enriched Ray Kiat’s life and helped him develop a more creative and interesting facet of his personality.
We hope that he would continue to love art and inspire many more students on the way!

Mid-Autumn Festival Workshop

These mooncakes are not edible, as tasty as they look!

Shoppers who hopped over to Rivervale Mall enjoyed a traditional and colourful treat for their children, in lieu of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

By spending a minimum of $20, children could attend a 45-min workshop to relive Chinese legends of the Moon Princess. With guidance from our Globalart Sengkang teachers, children learnt how to colour night skies, rabbits and Chang E, and also had fun shaping dough into mooncakes and rabbits.

Check out the children’s smiles of satisfaction as they finish their artwork and prepare to take them home!

This event was a collaboration between Globalart Sengkang and Rivervale Mall management.

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Inhouse Competition 2016

Congratulations to Global Art In-house competition 2016 Champions Category A,B & C!

Our 3 Champions from each category in our Guangzhou China International Competition on 3 December 2016.

Thank you! Students you really doing very well in this year inhouse competition. Keep it up! 加油 for upcoming ones.

Father's Day 2016

Wishing all Fathers a Happy Father's Day!
Beloved sons and daughters created wallet craft with handwritten dollar note/voucher for their fathers. Appreciating them for showering them with love, sacrifice, provision and loads more!

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Mother's Day 

On the last week of April, students started to create hand-crafted flowers with handwritten description of their Mother in rolled up petals. It was really heart-warming and sweet to see students surprising their mum with heart-felt written notes! We hope that it brought warmth to every Mother's heart!

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In the month of March, students had an opportunity to create their very own superhero! We are pleased to receive overwhelming response.

The winners are Janyze Chua of Category A (5-7 years old) and Jaden Tan of Category B (8 years old and above).

Due to overwhelming response, we have decided to give 6 honorary mention prizes instead of 1!
Congratulation to Kevin Seah and Jairenvath P. K for Category A! Shaktee, Yu Xin, Ashlyn Lau and Iris Tan for Category B!

We are pleased that students showcased enthusiasm and creativity in this contest!

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It’s time for our very own Global Art Sengkang Art Exhibit once again! 

In an exclusive feature, siblings Engelbertine & Hrothbertina Chia, aged 10 and 7 respectively, showcased their works to several of her peers on Sunday, 10th of April 2016.

Both sisters did a joined presentation of the many outstanding works they had done over the years.

Congratulations to both Engelbertine and Hrothbertina!  For more photos, feel free to visit our facebook page!


To kickstart an exciting new year of art exhibitions, our featured artist, Cassandra Tay, showcased her works to several of her peers on the 24th of January 2016. 

Not only did she give them an insight of her art journey through the several art pieces created here at Global Art Sengkang, she also shared more about her thought process in creating her masterpieces through an art demonstration. 

Children were treated with snacks throughout the presentation as well as a goodie bag filled with treats and a surprise item as well! 

Congratulations Cassandra on reaching this milestone!

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