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Global Art International Art Competition 2017 was held on 3 December at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

We would like to congratulate our 3 students Cera Teng and Hon Xin Yu for receiving the merit award for Category B! Cassandra Tay for winning the 3rd Runner-up position for Category C! All your hard work paid forth and we are so proud of you for participating this competition among 1500 participants from other Global Art participants from 16 countries!

Couple of hours after the competition, our Principal and Teachers attended Global Art International Gala Dinner. We are humbled and honoured to receive the one and only outstanding Platinum award among 600 Global Art International centres! We would like to thank all parents and students for entrusting and supporting us!


Congratulations to our Global Art Sengkang prize winners! We are proud of you! This year there are 27 participants and majority are new participants. We are proud to witness all your hard work and dedication this period of time. We hope you and your family have a memorable time and gain invaluable lessons through this Competition! Hope to see you again next year! Meanwhile, we are looking forward to bring our Champions from Sengkang Inhouse Competition to Malaysia, Sunway Convention Centre in coming December to participate in the International Global Art Competition!


Our Global Art Sengkang inhouse competition was successfully ended on 23 July. We hereby thank you all parents and participants for staying throughout till end of event. We hope to see you all again in next year. Our upcoming NAC is on 24 September at USQ. We hope to see you there!


We would like to take this chance to wish every dad a Happy Father’s Day! This month’s handicraft, we want the students to give their daddies something special. Each student coloured a certificate and a badge to present to their daddy!

This provided an opportunity for them to nurture in expressing love and care for their parents not just through making craft only on special day but on every other day.Our students gave in their 100% best to decorate the best certificates and badges for their daddies. They sure had fun playing with colours to make the certificate looked radiant!


On 14 May, our beautiful mothers will hopefully have the best enjoyable day being pampered by their children. At Globalart, students learnt to make a paper handbag for their mommy– designed and coloured with love! In each of these unique handbags, our students wrote a coupon for their mother to spend this coming Mother’s Day. These coupons’ messages include: “One Big Kiss”, “Help in cleaning the kitchen,” and “Help in mopping the floor”, etc. 

Did you know that the first Mother’s Day was established in 1870? Julia Ward sponsored the first Mothers’ Day event for appreciation of every woman’s contribution to society. To the most nurturing and loving beings, Globalart SengKang wishes all a Happy Mothers’ Day! We hope our students will treat their Mommies with love and care every day.


Every students are created with dreams that we would like to encourage them to discover and explore! Finding out their interest/talent to meeting the needs of others/ to help people. During the month of March to April, we held a mini contest! We first asked every students, "What do you want to be/ work as when you grow up & why?" Students had a variety of answers :"Painter, Doctor, Tailor, Scientist, Nurse, Teachers, Fire fighter or Ballerina... " It was a fun and great time of discovering each student's dream occupation!

The winners for this contests are Chloe Tay Xin Yu, Isabelle Choo Zhi Xuan and Sherise Goh! Each receiving a $20 Popular voucher and a set of marker pens. Dilys Ooi Jue Ning and Ashni D/o Kanagarajan Solagar also won the Honorary Mention Prize for outstanding work as well! We want to congratulate other participants as well! We have prepared a small prize for each participants, you may collect when you come for lesson! Well done students! Hope you all had a fun time!


Our student, Chenxi had a showcase of her artworks on 25 March. She have been attending lessons at Global Art Sengkang since 4 years ago. She always puts effort to learn and finds ways to improve in Art learning! Each children are different in characteristic and she has a quiet and gentle nature. Like that nature of hers, each of her artwork reflects tidyness and cleanliness. She express herself by drawing and every picture speaks forth different stories. We hope through this exhibition helped her to express to others with her wonderful artworks! Thank you Chenxi's family, friends and invited guests to this Art Exhibition. We hope Chenxi & everyone would have gained from Chenxi's Art Journey!