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Global Art Singapore National Art Competition has finally ended! Congratulations to our Global Art Sengkang prize winners! We are proud of you! This year, there are 28 participants from our centre. We are proud to witness all your hard work and dedication this period of time. We hope you and your family had a memorable time and gained invaluable lessons through this Competition! We hereby thank you all parents and participants. Hope to see you again next year!

Up next, we are looking forward to bring our Champions from Sengkang Inhouse Competition to Yangon, Myanmar this December! Teachers and Parents are cheering you on!


Our Global Art Sengkang In-House Art Competition has successfully ended on 22 July 2018! Congratulations to all participants, good job to all of you! We hereby thank you all parents and participants. We hope to see you all again in next year’s In-House Art Competition.

Our upcoming Global Art Singapore’s National Art Competition is on 23 September 2018 at United Square. We have 29 Global Art Sengkang students participating for this competition! Teachers and Parents are cheering you on! 加油!


To celebrate Global Art Singapore 15th Anniversary, we had some events going on at our Art studio concurrently with the In-House Competition! We celebrated with fun activities from Face paintings, 15 featured students’ Art Exhibition & Catered food! We had special promotions and free trial sessions that went on day too! Thank you all for coming down to celebrate with us, we hope you enjoyed as much as we do! Shout out to @Global Art Singapore, Happy 15th year Anniversary!

National Day 2018

We are celebrating Singapore's 53th Birthday with craft! Our students created their original designs with Paints, Oil Pastels, Markers& Merli the Merlion! These are some of their works.

Father's Day Handicraft 2018

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers! Our students made a special gift for their fathers. They made a key chain, each of them is unique as they drew the features of their fathers with personalised messages for their fathers! Here are some of them.

Mother's Day Handicraft 2018

Happy Mother's Day! Our students made a special gift for their mothers. They made a door hanger, each of them has a heart shaped flip card with personalized drawings and messages for their mothers! Here are some of them.

Aquatic Animals Cartoon Drawing Contest

Our students participated in a mini drawing contest featuring what they have learned in the past month, desert animals or aquatic animals. In the contest, they were not given any help from teachers and had to draw all by themselves. We did not judge them based on their age or how nice their drawing, but rather, how much effort they put into the drawings and how much they’ve improved. Here are the winners and their drawings!

Chinese New Year Red Packet Drawing Contest

Congratulation to our student Olesya Koe for winning the consolation prize among many students from other centres for the CNY Red Packet Colouring/ Drawing Contest! We would also like to thank the participated students for your hard work, good job! Keep up the good work everyone! :)

Paddington Bear Cartoon Drawing Contest

Paddington 2 movie is released on December 2017, directed by Paul King. It is the sequel to 2014's Paddington. This time our students don’t just learn how to draw a character in this movie. We also have a contest to let students create and draw the background by themselves. They need to recall what they had learned during cartoon drawing for this month, and use their creativity step by step to draw out a background theme using fruit, pastries or fast food. Every day, there will be three winner & the winner will win a present. Congratulations to all the winners!!