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This September, we learn how to make lanterns to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival!  The Mid-Autumn Festival is an East Asian and Southeast Asian harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese and Vietnamese people.


This National Day, we commemorated Singapore's birthday by doing a special craft -- a keychain! The children were allowed to choose from 4 iconic buildings in Singapore and were given a cut out of their choice. Then, they coloured it with bright colours and applied a layer of black paint on it! Lastly, when the paint dried, they used the scraping technique to scrape on some designs.

JUNE 2019

This Father's day craft, we create a 3D glasses using lantern plastic film, paper and decorated with oil pastel. Our students have so much fun creating this unique glasses, from monochrome to rainbow and even neon colours! These are some of their colourful works.

Keep a lookout for our previous works by our students in our gallery!

MAY 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all! For this special event, our students made their very own gift card to give their mum! Using oil pastels, markers and paint to decorate their cards and writing special messages to thank their mother for all their effort and love. Here are their beautiful gift cards.

APRIL 2019

Easter Day is also known as the resurrection Sunday, a holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Easter Sunday is also viewed as the day of new birth, therefore, the festival focused on fertility, and utilized the egg and the rabbit as symbols of the celebration. The students coloured a rabbit which is then folded and glued to be made into a hand puppet.


To celebrate the beginning of a new year according to the traditional chinese calendar, our students will be making house decoration using oil pastel or markers to decorate papers to create wall hangings and fire crackers. Here are some of their works.


To celebrate the time of the year, the birth of Jesus Christ. The students coloured and made a mask of their favourite Christmas legendary figures like Santa or Christmas fairy tale characters like Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and Santa's elves using paper plates and cut-out hats. These are their festive crafts.


To celebrate the Hindu Festival of lights, we prepared a simple rangoli design for the students to colour and decorate with coloured salt. And here are some of their works.


Our students celebrated the Mid Autumn festival with lantern craft. They used paper plate, coloured lantern paper and decorated with oil pastel, coloured pencil and markers. These are some of their wonderful lanterns. A bright moon and stars twinkle and shine. Wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss and happiness.


We are celebrating Singapore's 53th Birthday with craft! Our students created their original designs with Paints, Oil Pastels, Markers & Merli the merlion! These are some of their works.

JUNE 2018

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers! Our students made a special gift for their fathers. They made a key chain, each of them is unique as they drew the features of their fathers with personalized messages for their fathers! Here are some of them.

MAY 2018

Mother's day is coming! Our students made a special gift for their mothers. They made a door hanger, each of them has a heart shaped flip card with personalized drawings and messages for their mothers! Here are some of them.

MARCH 2018

Happy Advance Easter Day Everyone! 

Look at our students cute bunny craft! This time, our students recycled the eggs carton and transformed it into a bunny! Look what is inside the bunny mouth!



Our students made an oriental Chinese fan for this Chinese New Year. They painted and decorated the fan with their creativity! 


“Merry Christmas!!”

Our students use their creative idea to design a Christmas stocking. Some student said that they want to give their parents as a gift use it as a decoration for their room. . They find that it is fun to design their own unique Christmas stocking!


We all have our own ideal dream house. For this October’s handicraft, our students used their creativity to design their dream houses. Students get to add some fences, signs around the house too! There were many interesting dream houses that were created like Halloween house, robot house, candy house, hello kitty house and so on.

September 2017

It's Mid-Autumn Festival time in the month of October. Our students made their Mid Autumn's decoration "The Jade Rabbit". They used their creativity to make the design and pattern for their lanterns & rabbits. Apart from that, our teachers also shared with them the story about “The Jade Rabbit” with its noble and benevolent character.

April 2017

Emoticon Bookmarks Which emoji would you use to describe your child’s mood most of the time? This April, our students made these handy bookmarks in the shape of popular emoticons. Emoticons, or Emojis, are now an integral part of expressing different emotions and tone in texting and social media use. We hope our students would put these fun and cute bookmarks to good use! One of our enterprising students even made a money-faced one! Ka-Ching!

March 2017

This month we introduced an interesting hands-on activity for the students. Students were to create a present box clip handicraft with paper, wooden clip and colour pencil. This activity also taught students a new way to present love and gratitude for their loved ones.

With all earnestness, they all designed their ready-made “gift box” and drew a surprise present they intended to give for their loved ones. Hope this little act of kindness brings joy to your loved ones, Kids!