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We at Global Art Sengkang believe that it is important to integrate art into every child's learning journey. This is in line with MOE's increased emphasis on the arts as they extend the Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) to more Secondary Schools. Global Art Sengkang promises that through our carefully-designed arts programme, your child will not only be cultivated to think creatively but also be instilled with self-confidence and art discipline.


Designed for 3 to 4-year-olds, this course focuses on colour recognition, learning shapes and numbers, and helps children develop their motor skills. With a small student-teacher ratio of up to 6:1, children will be able to receive more dedicated attention.

During the course, children will try their hand on small crafts and other forms of interactive play which will stimulate their creative thinking. In addition, children will also be well-equipped with social and psychomotor    skills which can only be beneficial as they embark on formal education in schools.


Our well-structured programme prepares children to handle oil pastel & poster paints:  

  • Basics of following dotted lines (Foundation 1-2);
  • Progressing to copying a few objects into a scene (Foundation 3-4); 
  • Honing their sketching skills (Pre-Basic);
  • Drawing their own scenes from scratch (Level 1);
  • Students would have already been familiar with oil pastel (Level 1-2);
  • Introduce poster paints to them at this level (Level 3-6). 


Children who love to be engaged with creative hands-on work will find this programme very enjoyable. G-Clay making, Poster painting, Glass painting and Colouring are just a few of the many art forms that they will gain exposure to. A truly enriching programme for children to stretch their imagination!


This programme is perfect for children, aged 7 and above, who have an interest in painting. Our systematic teaching approach uncovers children's artistic potential by exposing them to create paintings with an array of techniques which includes palette knife painting, and equipping them with foundational knowledge such as colour study. 


Enhance learner’s art knowledge, skills and worldview through a series of art & cultural studies, craft and painting activities. Suitable for kids who is above 4.


This programme is catered to children who would like to unleash their fullest potential in creating original characters to be used in story-telling through a comic stip. Our module will lead them from sketching characters to creating environments that will bring them to life! Children will be able to progress from sketching various animal facial expressions to humanoid body gestures and the different situations the characters may find themselves in.